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Looking for affordable, memorable gifts for your employees or B2B customers?

Since 2019, Austin-based Not Nice Creations has been making jewelry that transforms the colorful graphics from craft beer, wine and water cans into vibrant earrings and pendant jewelry. This fall, she's debuting a line of stud earrings that marries a polished, professional finish with handmade flair, and is ready to produce at scale, offering these unique, on-brand items as corporate gifts that highlight the distinctive features of your beverage packaging.

We've reached out to you because Jennifer has been inspired by elements of your can designs in her work, and offered you samples. If you have not yet requested or have not received requested samples, please contact us! Her jewelry is best experienced in person, and we are happy to provide free samples for you at no charge.


Quantity (Pairs) Price (each)
1-20 $12
21-50 $11
51+ $10


All earrings ship in recycled gift packaging with a coordinating ribbon; we are happy to include a client-provided business-card-sized note or other message in each package if desired. Design services are also available for any associated printed materials you would like to have produced for you.

Packaged earrings can be delivered in full quantity to the client, or shipped directly to intended recipients using a provided CSV file of names and addresses. Shipment of a full order to a client is provided free of charge for basic mailing services or local (Austin) delivery; individual gifts can be shipped to recipients for $5 per package.

Let's talk!

I'm Jennifer McNichols, the artisan behind Not Nice Creations and creator of my signature line of upcycled aluminum jewerly. I want to personally thank you for the design inspiration your brand has provided as I've developed techniques to showcase isolated and abstracted details from your product designs, focusing on the color, line, and gesture present in a 10-12mm piece of a larger image.

In the year since I've been developing and selling these earrings and pendants, I've found that my customer base comes from two primary sources: Those who love bright, colorful designs and unique jewelry; and those who love specific craft beer, wine, or water brands, and the way my earrings enable them to "rep" their favorite products as fans in a way that many people might not recognize, or might lead to a fun conversation. I'd love for your brand to join that conversation by sharing earrings based on your brand identity with people who have an existing connection to your brand that you can strengthen through a thoughtful, contemporary gift.

To discuss your brand's design options or place an order, call me at 979-220-0395 or email me at I look forward to working with you!
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